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Confederate Gold and Silver: A Story of the Lost Confederate Treasury and Its Missing Gold and Silver [Paperback]

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Peter Warren’s first novel is a triumph! The hunt was on from the beginning. Over all, I can’t say enough a

bout what a good job Peter Warren did on this book. I have read some first time author books and there are always indications of that. This book had a very special quality about it. Not a rookie write at all, I absolutely loved the Confederate Gold and Silver prices. Gold and silver may return as the backing for fiat currency. What will this mean for gold and silver prices and how will this effect the economy.

The Wall Street Journal gave this book 5 stars. See


silver prices

In this book expert investor, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, provides advice on investing in precious metals. He tells us why he believes that gold and silver prices will rise over the coming decade due to the devaluation of the U.S. currency.

Robert talks about the enormous wealth transfer that is occurring now and the ways to protect your life savings against the depreciation of the dollar.

Throughout history currencies have never lasted more then seventy years and right now the U.S. currency is in danger of devaluation. Robert believes that the way to protect your savings is through hard assets like gold and silver bullion. His saying is “savers are losers”. If you are interested in protecting your savings then this book is for you. You can read all about Robert Kiyaki, the American Investor at Wikipedia.

Reviews on this book:

Book Review – Businessweek

Personal Finance Advice, Taken to the Woodshed


silver prices

 The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg (Feb 28, 2012)
Very informative and thought provoking, excellent examples, overall…This book is a great example of good writing. Arguments are

structured well. Examples are good and illustrate the point being made very well. Buy on


silver prices

The book “Silver Bomb” talks about the secret financial happenings that could lead to the end of paper money as we know it. The book discusses the financial events that could lead to the collapse of the United States dollar and can throw America into financial chaos.

The book also discusses gold and silver precious metals as a way to protect ones life savings from the dollar demise. As well as discusses the current price manipulation of silver and gold by insiders who are trying to keep the financial crisis in a hush hush mode.

The author of this book firmly believes in precious metals investing and talks ab

out precious metals price manipulation of gold and silver prices, not for the faint of heart.



silver prices

“Stack Silver, Get Gold” is a beginners guide to gold and silver investing. If you have been worried about your financial situation and the economic crisis, then finding out about gold and silver investing could be for you. This book explains how to invest and how to avoid the traps of dealers that are unscrupulous. If  you are a beginner and want to know which coins to buy and how to buy it then this book could be for you.



Financial News:  Silver prices move higher as futures trade higher after silver prices experience consolidation prices.
Historical gold price rise over 100% since 2001.


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Omega Juicer profits rise.

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